Impressions: rasp disc

The right tools are essential for shaping and roughing, especially when the surface being worked is large and a significant amount of material has to be removed. For some time now, special discs have been commercially available for angle grinders (or circular saws) that make it... READ MORE

Impressions: carving gouges

We think B&B Artigiana in Olgiate Molgora is amazing the way it has doggedly built a name for itself in the world of handmade rasps. It recently added a number of new tools to its product range, focusing on carving and sculpting. Since we’re huge... READ MORE

Impressions: rasps and rifflers

We don't often get the chance to review traditionally produced tools that are made in Italy. So, when this opportunity came it, we grabbed it with both hands and did much more than test the tools. In fact, B&B Artigiana gave us the chance to watch... READ MORE

Impressions: miniature gouges

This small company in Olgiate Molgora (in the northern Italian province of Lecco) is already known for its hand-punched rasps and carving gouges, but now it has added a series of small gouges to its collection. And these are particularly interesting on the cost front.... READ MORE